Important SEO Techniques of 2023

How can I improve my SEO in 2023?
In 2023, improving SEO requires having a website with good performance and an enhanced User Experience.
To start with, upon launch, the website needs to load fast, and with every second the website is optimized for, more conversions will be acquired. Second, when users visit the website, especially for the first time, they have to see a “One-Liner Pitch” that describes what the website is about, and what kind of audience it is targeting, before scrolling down and skimming through the website pages.
For example, we get lawyers on the 1st page of Google using our SEO sprints.
We mentioned our target audience, then what we do, and finally how we do it.

Is SEO worth it in 2023?
Yes, SEO is worth it in 2023 and every year moving forward, as it is constantly evolving. Every single business needs to reach its target audience through search engines. However, SEO in 2023 is different from SEO 5 years ago.

What are some useful SEO tips in 2023?

1. Optimize Website Performance: If it’s a new website, do your best to build a fast-performing website. If it’s an old website, work on Core Web Vitals. “Core Web Vitals” are a group of particular elements that Google believes are crucial to the overall user experience of a webpage. The three distinct page speed and user interaction statistics that makeup Core Web Vitals are the greatest contentful paint, the initial input delay, and the cumulative layout shift. You can find your site’s Core Web Vitals data in the “enhancements” section of your Google Search Console account.

2. Optimize “Above The Fold” Content: “Above the fold” refers to the area of a page that a user may view at a glance without scrolling in the realm of web design. This will help retain users longer on the website and intrigue them to browse the rest of the pages. It has to contain 2 important elements:
    a. One-Liner Pitch that we mentioned before
    b. Call-To-Action (CTA) button to guide the users on what to do next.

3. Optimize Images:
    a. Prior to uploading, make sure you rename every single image with a descriptive file name.
        For example, organic-foggy-dew-wide-leg-jumpsuit.jpg
        Even if the name is long, keep it as is, and use small characters.
    b. Then, upload the files to, an online tool that optimizes images, and re-download them.
    c. Finally, after uploading the images onto the website, add an “ALT Tag” that will be identical to the descriptive name.
        For example, Organic Foggy Dew Wide Leg Jumpsuit.

There are several technical procedures you can follow to improve your SEO, however, the above is a good start for your website to improve its rankings in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).