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Blu Edge is the result of over 24 years of experience in several industries, ranging from Automotive, Insurance, Media, Medical and Paramedical, to F&B, Hospitality, Start-up Advisory to Real Estate. Throughout my journey, I have always used the “Blue Ocean” approach versus the “Red Ocean” strategy without knowing: thus, the creation of “Blu Edge”. Yes, Blue Ocean strategy; mainly because Value Innovation has been the essence of my every success.

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What We Do Best

As a boutique advisory, we achieve more by flexing and bending to adapt to the client and market requirements; we are result driven and do whatever it takes to make it happen.
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Business development

We assist companies or individuals in turning a concept/idea into a product or service, growing sales, gaining market shares or even creating a new market. We assist you on a strategic and tactical level to make you boost sales and make marketing count. We create long term value to your organization from customers, markets and partnerships.

Business Advisory

We offer comprehensive advice and support to owners and decision makers in redefining their strategies and restructuring their business units and business models. We develop new strategies and implementation plans.

Strategic Marketing And Sales

We establish a long term (forward thinking) planning to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, supported by long term plans that set out goals and objectives, guaranteeing in this way the success and growth of products and companies. Our plans are focused on new and existing customers; these plans include advertising, brand building activities, sales management and online marketing.

Marketing Management

Marketing is our strength. Having the solid sales experience makes our marketing approach impactful. We work hand in hand to make sure that sales get the support and back up they need to increase their numbers. Our expertise is in both offline and online marketing, above the line and below the line supports.

Investor Pitch

Startups or existing companies, seeking expansion are always looking for investors to venture into their business or idea. We create the proper pitch experience to make the first impression as good as the last one and most importantly to get the deal done.

Market Studies & Business plans

New and existing projects need solid, up to date and real market information in order to make critical and strategic decisions. We can make this information customized and available. In addition, we build business plans for large projects, based on specific requirements.


We have our own sales modules that any individual can benefit from; we also create customized trainings for specific industries.


This is a one to one assessment of your team after which, we propose a plan to bring out the maximum potential of your team. (results are guaranteed)

Events Management

Need to launch a product or a project? Want to reward or entertain clients or business partners? We have many “out of the box” ideas that can be executed in a very economically smart way.


Blue Ocean Strategy

A brief overview about the difference between Red and Blue Ocean Strategy.
Although the concept was created in 2004, very few have been able to grasp and adapt it.
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Red Ocean Strategy Blue Ocean Strategy
Compete in existing market space Create uncontested market space
Beat the competition Make the competition irrelevant
Exploit existing demand Create and capture new demand
Make the value-cost trade-off Break the value-cost trade-off
Align the whole system of a firm’s activities with its strategic choice of differentiation or lower cost Align the whole system of a firm’s activities in pursuit of differentiation and lower cost
Source: Blue ocean strategy, Harvard business review, Kim & Mauborgne

Events and Trainings

Events and Trainings

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